Unexpected database error (-198)

What this error message is saying is that you are trying to delete/modify a row whose primary key is referenced elsewhere in the database. What this means in more plain terms is that you were trying to delete a record, in this case an op code, that is listed/tied to other things in the database, such as being a labor actual on a work order. Since the record is tied to an actual, we won’t let a user delete the record because you would lose the referential integrity and that’s what a huge chunk of our database is built upon.

What we recommend is that you create a new Department folder called Archived under Define | Department.   Enter in a sequence code (I use 999 but you can use any logical number that is not already assigned).

Now go to Define | Operation Codes and select the Op code you wish to “delete” and click the Modify button.  Uncheck the box that says ” Show on PC Data Collection Screen” and click OK.

Click the Move button and then select newly created Archived Department and move it into this Department and click the OK button.

What this will do is move that particular Op code into the Archived area.  This lets you know that it is an “inactive” Op code but also by unchecking the PCDC box it hides the Op code from being shown on PCDC so that the shop employees cannot select that particular code anymore. Lastly if you truly did delete ‘everything’ from the Department you can go back to Define | Department and delete the dept. name…

Otherwise if it still has Operations that you are using you would leave it in tack.