Scheduler is specially designed for the busy job shop with changing priorities that impact scheduling.

One of the toughest challenges make-to-order manufacturers face is scheduling jobs. Stand alone scheduling tools require too much time inputting data and are ill equipped to handle the needs of a busy custom manufacturer. What makes Scheduler special is it is tightly integrated with ShopPAK, and because of this, myriad status changes flow automatically from ShopPAK into Scheduler. Changes in job priority, estimated department hours, priority, percent complete, and percent of budget seamlessly flow into Scheduler. For its part, Scheduler sends ShopPAK scheduled start and end dates and scheduled employee assignments, so ShopPAK’s production management reports and screens reflect current scheduling information.


Scheduler has a powerful, finite scheduling engine that considers resource availability and skill when scheduling. It automatically picks and assigns the best employee or employees that can finish work the soonest.

When you run Scheduler, you give it the day to start scheduling from, along with optional scheduling directives. It works through each Work Order according to the Work Order sequence you’ve chosen, scheduling each Work Order’s departments. It considers several things while scheduling including remaining estimated hours, department precedence, employee skill, and employee availability. Given the number of calculations the Scheduler makes, it runs incredibly fast. Our benchmarks show Scheduler schedules an entire work order’s department routings in one second!

Scheduler calculates Scheduled Start and Finish dates for every level in the Job Tree including Job, Job Item, Work Order, and Department, and it records employee “bookings” as it automatically chooses and assigns the best employee to each work order’s departments. If you wish, Scheduler can also update Ship Date and Material Due Date. When building a new schedule, the Scheduler writes status messages to help you pinpoint problems and bottlenecks, making it easier to correct late dates.

Our software is easy to learn and quickly pays for itself.

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