Powerful project management workbench

ShopPAK combines powerful database technology with unparalleled ease of use. It automates several key job management functions, helping your employees save time and make better decisions. ShopPAK does it all, from order entry to final billing.

Systems Requirements

ShopPAK Functions

  • Project Management

    ShopPAK helps you manage the myriad details of a job. Order entry is completely automated. Customizable alerts become your dedicated, 24/7 assistant that monitors jobs and keeps you informed of key events. Milestones, action items, RFIs, transmittals, and status reports keep you 100% in control.

  • Job Tracking

    Customizable work orders break the job into manageable sections. Each work order defines scope of work and tracks labor progress and material status. If a job slips, you'll know immediately so you can take corrective action.

  • Job Costing

    ShopPAK totally automates job costing at every level of the job. This makes it easy to identify problems in a specific job, or spot trends across several jobs. Job cost data gives managers the facts to fine tune future bids, make informed decisions about employee productivity, identify which jobs are most profitable, and help justify investment in new machinery and process improvements.

  • Purchasing

    ShopPAK integrates purchasing, job costing, receiving, material tracking, inventory, and invoice reconciliation into a seamless materials management platform. It handles both direct job purchasing and stock replenishment. ShopPAK lets you combine different jobs on the same PO, reducing the number of purchase orders you generate and costs associated with purchasing.

  • Inventory

    ShopPAK's powerful inventory system greatly reduces physical inventory counts. It supports FIFO, LIFO, and moving weighted average, and allows users to store the same inventory item at multiple locations. 100% transaction driven, it creates an audit trail for every inventory event.

  • Shipping

    Generating ship tickets is a breeze with ShopPAK. Simply drag and drop products and loose ship items from the job to the ship ticket. It also gives you tools to verify all products get loaded on to the truck.

  • Receiving

    Shop personnel use ShopPAK's easy to use receiving screen to process material deliveries and generate material labels. ShopPAK automatically updates inventory counts, valuation, job cost numbers, purchase order status, counts, and receive dates.

  • Billing

    ShopPAK automates regular invoice creation and progress billings. It creates AIA style application for payments and tracks billings month to month.

Why choose ShopPAK?

  • Automated order entry.

  • Intuitive interface and easy navigation.

  • Job tree keeps complex jobs organized and shows current status.

  • Job costing is automated, real time, and seamless.

  • Dashboards and reports let you see any aspect of the job.

  • Powerful project management tools keep you informed and in control.

  • Seamless material management system including our unique PO Builder.

  • Ship ticket creation and validation.

  • AIA style progress billing and regular invoicing.

  • Built in financial accounting interfaces.

In less than a year since we began implementing ShopPAK we've enjoyed the following benefits: Purchasing and receiving have been reduced from 10 to 2 hours a day. Time keeping/recording has been reduced from 2 hours to 15 minutes a day. We are in 100% control of our inventory. Previously we didn't have a clue. We have real-time labor and material costs. Timeliness of billings and receivables has improved substantially. And my personal favorite - reduced stress. 

Dan Hansen Eyewood Design, Inc.

ShopPAK was easy to implement. We were up and productive in a very short time frame. Inventory control has never been better. The same goes for time collection and job costing. As soon as someone finishes working an item, their time is in the system and I see it at my desk. I always know exactly where we are on every job. 

Robert Luttrell Luttrell Architectural Woodworks, Inc.

ShopPAK allows us to keep tabs on complex orders and massive amounts of customized inventory which prevents over ordering. It gives us instant access to job profitability and productivity data. It increases overall accountability. We would not be able to handle our volume of work without it. From job costing to purchasing, billing, shipping and inventory, ShopPAK does it all. 

Joey Anton Anton Cabinetry

ShopPAK is a great tool. It really motivates people. Shop employees try to beat estimated hours in work orders they've been assigned. Estimators get a sense of satisfaction when custom items come in at, or below, budgeted hours. ShopPAK has made our day to day lives less stressful and more fun. PMs are so happy when they go to the job cost tab and see a lot of yellow (which is the profit color). We love yellow around here! ShopPAK and ProjectPAK are great programs that have improved our effectiveness and morale. 

Mark Ramsey Tahiti Cabinets, Inc.

ShopPAK Add-Ons

  • Scheduler

    Scheduler is specially designed for the busy job shop with changing priorities that impact scheduling.

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  • Engineering Links

    We've created two engineering links that save time updating ShopPAK bill of materials and product list with finalized engineered specifications.

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  • Shop Floor Data Collection

    Capture key production data at its source, eliminating shop floor employee and administrative data entry errors. Save time and money by automating shop floor data collection.

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  • ShopPAK Mobile

    ShopPAK Mobile gives installers a fast and easy way to collect labor when working away from the office. Since it is web based, it works with any smart device that has access to the internet via WIFI or cellular service.

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  • Scoreboard

    Scoreboard is a powerful tracking tool that gives you myriad options for viewing and analyzing data.

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Our software is easy to learn and quickly pays for itself.

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