Solving Real-World Problems

Make-to-order firms face unique problems. Here's how we solve them.




Stand alone, pieced together spreadsheets and systems can’t share data.
Comprehensive, seamless front-to-back solution.
Redundant data entered multiple times.
Enter data one time at source. Shared and refined as job progresses.
Poor decision making and job execution.
Current and historic data at your fingertips for better job execution and decision making.
Too many manual steps. Too many mistakes.
High degree of automation.
Bottlenecks. Slipped deadlines. Crisis mode.
Improved efficiency from automation, real time alerts, actionable data, and shared access.
Unhappy customers. Stressed employees.
Improved customer service and employee morale from using a cohesive, well designed, manufacturing platform.

What Our Customers Are Saying

It is a comfort to know that when your clients have an issue your team is always there to support us. I am a huge advocate of the TradeSoft products.

Brad Irle TH Snyder Company
Danville, IL

I can't thank your team enough for the awesome training! This software is absolutely mind blowing what it can do.

Nick Palmer Commercial Casework, Inc.
Fremont, CA

We are very impressed with how fast we got job cost information out of the program, but what impresses us the most, is TradeSoft itself. They build a quality product and they stand behind it.

Joey Anton Anton Cabinetry
Arlington, TX

ProjectPAK and ShopPAK work like software should. Not overly complicated; they just work. TradeSoft has the most comprehensive software for a job shop. Excellent, solid software.

Gary Balcom Nexis 3
Rochester, NY

TradeSoft has the best estimating and project management software that money can buy! We've been using it for over 10 years and couldn't be more pleased with how well the product functions and how easy it is to use.

Nancy Lacy Leininger Cabinet & Woodwork
Lexington, KY

Although TradeSoft serves other customers, it feels like we have an exclusive partnership. They are truly committed to our success. I would recommend TradeSoft to any custom production shop, except those in direct competition with us.

Casey Peterson New World Millworks
Denver, CO

Our software is easy to learn and quickly pays for itself.

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