We can help you tap into ProjectPAK’s most powerful estimating tools (parametric assemblies and job specification sheet) by offering two prebuilt databases: one for residential customers and one for commercial customers.

Both pre-built databases contain a comprehensive set of estimating items. We’ve meticulously built all of the underlying library items, sub-assemblies, assemblies, and job specifications so they use the very best practices our software gives users.

As part of our implementation assistance services, we tailor a pre-built database so it more closely matches your unique business needs. This service, coupled with the pre-built database itself, significantly reduce set up and implementation time.


Customers that opt for this approach benefit in the following ways:

  1. Totally up and running in a few short weeks instead of months.
  2. Increased and faster ROI, because implementation time and associated costs are significantly cut.
  3. Easier employee buy-in since training focuses on how to estimate jobs, not setting up the database.
  4. Less stress and risk because we ensure the database is set up correctly from the start and uses the best practices within ProjectPAK.


Commercial Report     Residential Report

Our software is easy to learn and quickly pays for itself.

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