ShopPAK Mobile gives installers a fast and easy way to collect labor when working away from the office. Since it is web based, it works with any smart device that has access to the internet via WIFI or cellular service.

By automating data collection out in the field, installers can easily log time against jobs from their smart phones or tablets. ShopPAK Mobile immediately updates the ShopPAK database so labor hours can be applied to jobs as they occur, eliminating the chore of manually filling in time cards and having somebody enter the data afterwards back at the office. This not only saves time and money, it means labor cost and hours are always current and this improves job tracking and decision-making. Just as Shop Floor Data Collection improves accuracy and eliminates manual data entry, ShopPAK Mobile does the same for field personnel.

Another great feature is the ability to capture GPS coordinates so employers can verify that employees are where they are supposed to be when punching in and out of jobs.

Our software is easy to learn and quickly pays for itself.

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