The PlanSwift Plug-in combines PlanSwift and ProjectPAK into a powerful estimating duo.

The plug-in enables you to browse and pull takeoff items directly¬†from ProjectPAK’s database of library items and product assemblies. This eliminates the time consuming chore of creating and maintaining two takeoff databases – one for PlanSwift and one for ProjectPAK.


PlanSwift Plug-in is where you create, organize and manage the takeoff. Changes are automatically replicated back and forth between PlanSwift and the plug-in. Simply drag a product assembly or library item to the takeoff form. Fill in product attributes and click the digitizer button. This takes you to the PlanSwift digitizer window where you digitize the item to get the takeoff quantity.

Work from the office or on the road

You can either work ‘online’ directly with the ProjectPAK network database, or you can work ‘offline’ using a copy of the ProjectPAK database when working away from the office.

Send takeoff to ProjectPAK

When the takeoff is finished, the plug-in automatically creates a new ProjectPAK project and estimate, or if you are amending an existing job, it creates and attaches new items to an existing estimate.

If you want to learn more about PlanSwift digital takeoff software, click their logo below to download a free trial.

Takeoff Software and Construction Estimating Software

TradeSoft develops, sells and supports our PlanSwift Plugin product. PlanSwift sells and supports their digital takeoff software.

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