TradeSoft, Inc, located outside of Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 1994 with a single mission: Provide a truly customizable estimating and job management solution that addresses the demanding needs of the architectural millwork, casework, cabinetry, and fixture manufacturer.

The problems we saw with estimating still exist today

Millwork and casework shops can’t truly automate estimating with home grown spreadsheets or databases like Access. Few have the time or expertise to build a comprehensive system. Some hire software consultants to develop a custom program, but too many times discover this is expensive, time consuming, and risky. Who will maintain the software in the future when the consultant is gone? They can buy packaged estimating software, but most are oriented towards the GC or specialized sub-contractor, and thus, don’t quite fit their business needs.

ProjectPAK solves these problems

Realizing the potential of providing an easy to use yet powerful, database driven estimating package, we set out to work. After 2 years of development, we sold the first copy of ProjectPAK to a 75 person commercial cabinet and fixture company in Atlanta. We are now in our 7th major release and are the leading provider of estimating software for our core market niches.

ShopPAK to the rescue

As ProjectPAK gained market share, customers requested we expand ProjectPAK’s job management functions so they could better manage awarded jobs. In 2002, we released ShopPAK to address all the functions downstream of winning a job. Since ShopPAK is 100% integrated with ProjectPAK (they share the same database), ProjectPAK and ShopPAK provide incredible synergy for a shop that wants a seamless solution, front to back from bidding through to final billing. Unlike ERP packages that tend to be pricey and difficult to implement, ShopPAK is the perfect fit for make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers who have standardized on ProjectPAK. Now in its 4th major release, we continue to expand ShopPAK based on customer feedback.

Our markets

Our initial market – secondary wood products manufacturers – remains our largest group of installed users. However, we also sell to all sorts of job shops that work with metal, glass, paper, and electronics as well as machine shops and sub-contractors.

20 years of happy customers

I do not generally publicly endorse commercial products, but in the case of TradeSoft I make an exception. I find it uniquely tailored to the millwork trade. I have several clients using TradeSoft and all think it's an excellent choice.

David Grubb David C. Grubb & Associates
Pennsburg, PA

I want to compliment your team. It is a comfort to know that if I have an issue, your team is always there. When my company had a catastrophic event your team looked at it as if they had a catastrophic event, and worked tirelessly and pleasantly to get us back on-line.

Brad Irle TH Snyder Com
Danville, IL

TradeSoft is a wonderful company with a wonderful product and beyond exceptional support.

Aja Burch The Millwork Specialist
Richmond, VA

What impressed us most is TradeSoft itself. They build a quality product and they stand behind it, which echoes our company's philosophy. What I really enjoy about TradeSoft is they actually listen to their users. A trait not often seen in the software industry.

Joey Anton Anton Cabinetry
Arlington, TX

All of the features of the TradeSoft software are great, but the real value is we have a partner working with us on our software needs. They have always responded timely and have been open to suggestions about the software. My purchase of the software was one of my better decisions.

Robert Luttrell Lutrell Architectural Woodworks, Inc.
Birmingham, AL

You have helpful and knowledgeable support staff and support is always just a phone call away.

Jim Landoll Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork

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