We’ve created two engineering links that save time updating ShopPAK bill of materials and product list with finalized engineered specifications.

MvLink interfaces with Microvellum’s Toolbox and CvLink interfaces with Hexagon’s CabinetVision. Both MvLink and CvLink are integrated with their respective CAD package, and because of this, each offers ease of use and synergy above and beyond ShopPAK’s generic export / import routines. Our engineering links transfer finalized bill of materials, products, and product attributes from the CAD package to ShopPAK.


Once shop drawings are approved and you finalize bill-of-materials, one click of your mouse sends information from the engineering package over to ShopPAK. This eliminates the manual process of updating ShopPAK work order products, product labels, and materials with engineered changes that have occurred since converting the ProjectPAK estimate into a first-cut ShopPAK job.

Because our links automate the process of moving engineering information into ShopPAK, they eliminate data entry errors, significantly decrease the time to detail and order material, and ensure that products listed on work orders match current engineered product definitions and attributes (e.g. width, height, and depth). Having an accurate product list is key to automatically generating accurate product labels, printing shipping tickets, verifying shipments before they leave your shop, and tracking product shipping status.

Our software is easy to learn and quickly pays for itself.