Scheduled Task For Database Backup Not Working Just Says Running

We’ve found that sometimes when copying in the “Add arguments” line from the instructions, the system is not recognizing the ” before the eng=TradeSoft17 as well as the one after 002100c384d89d4a9e6b3a7b2d20.

-y -d -c “eng=TradeSoft17;uid=dba;enp=002100c384d89d4a9e6b3a7b2d20” C:\PpakSrvr17\backup

You will need to go back into the scheduled task you created and on the Actions tab edit the Add arguments line.  Retype both the ” s on this line.

-y -d -c eng=TradeSoft17;uid=dba;enp=002100c384d89d4a9e6b3a7b2d20 C:\PpakSrvr17\backup

Click OK to save your changes.  Now try running the scheduled task and you should have better results.