Setting Up TradeSoft Software Within A Terminal Server

When setting up the software on an Terminal Server, the thing you need to be aware of is that our products only support one instance of that particular exe running at once. To get around this, you would just install the program in each user’s Windows environment on the terminal server and each install would have its own directory.  For example, our estimating product’s, ProjectPAK, default installation directory is C:\Program Files (X86)\TradeSoft\ProjectPAK. So on the terminal server, one user could use that directory as their install directory, but after that other users would have a differently named install directory such as C:\Program Files (X86)\TradeSoft\ProjectPAK2, C:\Program Files (X86)\TradeSoft\ProjectPAK3, etc under their accounts/virtual environment.  However, I like to use initials so you can have an idea which user’s account it is, for example C:\Program Files (X86)\TradeSoft\ProjectPAKKEC, but you can choose which you prefer.  Once installed, you would then need to point their desktop shortcut for ProjectPAK to their unique install directories.

If you require the full installation file of our software, please let us know.