Moving the Database to a New Server For SQL Anywhere 11

This article is broken out into two parts, installing SQL Anywhere 11 and copying the database to the new server.

Installation of Sybase

We recommend that you set up SQL Anywhere 11 on the new server first.  (This is what houses the TradeSoft database.)  Click the following link:

SQL Anywhere 11 Install

Enter in ftpuser for the Username and ftpuser for the password.  This will download the file. Next you’ll want to open the zip file and double click on Setup.exe. Click on Run.

Follow the instructions on the screen.  We recommend keeping the installation defaults. Do not start up the database yet as you will need to copy in your existing database first as well as shut down the database on the original server.

Moving the Actual Database to the New Server

Back on the old server, make sure that the database is shut down.  Next, copy the database files engine.db and engine.log from the old server.  Their default location is C:\PpakSrvr11.  Place the 2 files on a flash drive or on a network drive that the new server can access.  Place these files into the following folder: C:\PpakSrvr11 on the NEW server (or if you changed the default location, you will need to place the files in the location you changed it to). Windows will warn you if you want to overlay the files that are currently there.  Say yes. Now start up the database and that’s it!

Please remember to make sure you are backing up your database on the new server.   For instructions on how to create a scheduled task to back up the database, please check out the following article.

Backing Up the Database – Network 11