Borland $2108 Error

This particular error, “An error occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error $2108)”, sometimes occurs when you have a particular TradeSoft product open and are trying to open a different product at the same time.  This is due to how your Windows is managing its BDE stuff inside the OS. Windows randomizes memory when loading DLLs in an attempt to thwart viruses and other nefarious attacks.  Unfortunately, it may impact other programs and in this case, it has affected a program we use known as the BDE.  As part of our installs, we include a 3rd party application that is part of our database access functions.  It’s called BDE (Borland Database Engine).  To permanently fix this so that you can have either program open in any order, please make sure to close all TradeSoft programs on this PC first.

The administrator program should be in Control panel.

Launch this application on your PC.

Check out the screen shot below.  We want you to make some similar changes.  Click the configuration tab and click the INIT node under System.

Please enter ==>      3BDE             into the SHAREDMEMLOCATION parameter

Please enter ==>      4096             into the SHAREDMEMSIZE parameter

Make sure you save these changes.  When you close the admin window it will ask you if you want to save the changes.  Say yes.  To make sure you indeed changed the updates, open up the BDE and make sure you see the changed values.

Then, reboot your PC. That should fix it for you.


Currently we offer hybrid cloud app versions of ProjectPAK, ShopPAK, and Scoreboard.

No. Customers will continue hosting their shared database on premise and use their existing desktop client apps, but for employees that work from home or occasionally travel to job sites, the cloud option enables them to access and update the database from anywhere.

First-Time Subscribers : We request that you reach out to Support before obtaining any cloud app subscriptions. Minor preparation must occur in order to establish your cloud applications.

Additional Subscribers : For customers already subscribed to a particular cloud app but would like to purchase additional seat subscriptions, this is an automated process and is handled under each user’s website account menu. Please refer to the Onboarding Guide for further details or contact Support .

We offer both monthly & annual subscriptions. Customers will receive a 10% discount for annual subscriptions.

Subscriptions are based per account. We offer group-based subscriptions for companies that prefer to purchase X number of seats upfront for a particular cloud app and have one user in charge of managing these subscriptions (seat authorizations & payments).  For customers who are interested in group-based subscriptions, please contact Support for further details.

Monthly/Annual subscriptions cover user access to the cloud app, technical support, and applicable software updates. Cloud app seats do not add to your annual maintenance contract costs for your on premise software.

  • Static external IP address. Please pass the address details along to Technical Support at your earliest convenience. This information is required to begin your cloud app configuration.
  • On premise adjustments to allow incoming & outgoing connections to the cloud app. This usually entails adjusting firewall settings on your server and establishing the appropriate port forwarding rules within your network router.
  • Configuring the additional encryption layer that both on premise and cloud apps will use to communicate with the database. When you are ready to proceed with this last step, please contact Technical Support and they will assist further with this portion or provide the appropriate details to your IT personnel.

This is all covered in further detail within our Onboarding Guide. Please contact Support if you have any questions or when you are ready to proceed with obtaining cloud app access.

No, existing customers can subscribe to and use any of the cloud applications; i.e. ProjectPAK-only customer is interested in signing up for ShopPAK cloud app. Please contact Support to learn more.

Yes, you will receive email notifications for both upcoming subscription expirations and auto-renewals (if you chose that option). Subscriptions can still be renewed once expired.

Subscription payments are handled through PayPal. You can choose to pay directly with a debit or credit card, or through your PayPal account. The latter offers additional payment methods within an established account, such as a linked checking account for example.