Bar Code Scanner Information

When it comes to scanners as long as the bar code scanners you have/buy read code 3 of 9 or CODE 39 you are good to go. Our software has already built in the codes so once you turn on the bar codes on the different documents, labels, work orders, shipping tickets, etc… you will be able to scan them.

We sell two types.  One is tethered to a PC via a 6’ USB cable ($179).  The other one is wireless and thus is portable ($399).  By far we mostly sell the tethered scanner.

Both read CODE 39 which is the bar code symbol we produce on documents and reports.

Check out the tethered scanner (LZ165-USB) at ==>

Check out the wireless scanner (LZ360-RF) at ==>

When you place your order with us and we receive payment, we drop ship the scanner to you (no additional cost for shipping).

They come with a 3 year warranty and free tech support from Worth Data. If you are interested in what we sell please reach out to and they can finalize that sale for you.