Op Code Foreign Key Error

If you come across the following error in ProjectPAK when trying to save an estimate it is because there is no operation code assigned to a labor library item:

This particular error is actually one coming from the database itself because of referential integrity.  It is looking to find a match in the OPCODE table and it cannot find one.  To find the culprit(s) make sure you have the Department and Op Code columns unhidden and expand all rows in your estimate.  Scroll down till you find a missing Op Code for a labor row:

Double-click the description on that row and choose ‘Edit library item’, go to the ShopPAK tab, and assign it an op code:

Click OK and the estimate will refresh all instances of it.  You will need to repeat for all labor rows missing an operation code. If you have multiple labor items missing the operation code, you can use the Find tool to access them quicker versus trying to tackle one at a time.