Creating A Project

1. Go to the Business tab and click the Open button.

2. Change Filter One to “Name”, select the “Begins with:” radio button, enter the first few letters of the name of the business, and click “Search”.

3. If the business does not exist in your database you will need to create it by clicking the new button and filling in all applicable fields – once you are finished proceed to Step 5.

4. Select the name of the business and click OK.

5. Check to see if the name of the contact you are working with is linked to the business. If the answer is yes proceed to Step 7.

6. To add a new contact click the New button, fill in all applicable fields, click Save, and then click the Business tab.

7. Click the “Project” button and select “New project”.

8. Fill in all applicable fields on the Project tab and its sub tabs.