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    Nathan Lemacher

      We are noticing that when we use the CV Link 9 tool to transfer our updated SqFt Qty’s for Panel Stock and Laminate that it does not give the optimized SqFt Qty’s that you find when in S2M running the optimizer. Basically, when in CV Solid and on the material report in report center, those Panel Stock Qty’s are only adding up the individual part SqFt Qty’s and (we think) dividing it by the material’s SqFt size. But, it does not take into account that when we send those parts to S2M and run the optimizer it has a different value because you can’t take, for example, a 22 inch rip and get a 36 inch wide part…that would take another sheet on it’s own.

      I know this is more of how CV Solid is limited but we are curious to see if anyone else uses CV Solid paired with a Beam Saw and somehow manipulates the values from CV Solid to get the true optimized values for their ShopPAK BOM’s.

      Dave Maish


        CV Link currently only reads the report.mdb file which is the information coming directly from the job. And your assumption is 100% accurate in that it adds up the square footage of all of the parts and divides by the sheet size to come up with sheet Qty. We don’t read anything from S2M, so it doesn’t see any of the optimized values. It is possible in the future we could enhance CV Link to get values from S2M, but it would depend on what and how we could get information from that module. I will add it to our list of possible future enhancements, and I will add your name as a contact to get more information.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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